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I and still haven’t figured out the direction of this one (Raw Start). I hung the wire circle on the wall to
gauge it’s partner. I became irritated by the lack of obedience the circle inflicted upon me by not flushing against the wall. I fiddled around at correcting it and then abandoned it swaying. It kept swaying. Periodically, I would tear away for the idiot screen and see it mocking me. “STOP!” I challenged. My curiosity was engaged. “Let’s see now?” Nope. “Sneak peek on the wink, wink?” Wrong again. “Really?” I reluctantly admitted from across the room. …”POOF!” An angle was discovered. Thoughts became light and receptive. Exploration became the theme. My entire surrounding was a canvass of hidden enjoyment.

Cruicble of creation

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Divine inspiration. The creative stirs. Seeds have been planted and rooting has started earlier than expected. I’m back to 1996. I spend my lunches scribbling away and off time finding inspiration in the beauty of life. I’ve broken the covenant with myself of completing a project before I tear into another in the same medium. I shall immediately surrender my Sith card and Emperor decoder ring. It means that much! I have no choice a this point. Ideas are hitting too fast and furious and I love being seduced by the creative side of the force. Two more wire project are screaming to get done. One is a spin off of the one I’m currently working on and the other is spanking new. The inspiration for the third one hit like a cosmic lighting bolt, and it is the cosmos that in spawned the idea. I learned that Jupiter emits sound waves that can be heard on the AM frequency. Sounds from a planet? Amazing! By the way, the third one has no association with sound. Creativity is that quirky. Since I’m so fertile at this point, I’m putting it to good use with my need for less sleep. I’ve accepted the fact I can’t slumber like I want to and this night owl now enjoy his pre-dawn mornings.

tunin' out to tune in...

tunin' out to tune in...

VI more weeks of Winter. (whew)

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...who could it be now..
…who could it be now..

Happy Groundhog Day.

This day started in 1887.

Seems Mother Nature and the Universe wants us to stay in winter mode but I can’t see how with the usual warm weather we’re having. People act as if it’s a good thing. That bubble is rudely popped when I meekly screech, “I know! Those polar bears will finally get those cadaver curves for the spring collections.” “Christmas is over, right?”

I’m working on my first wire animal. I’m drawing my inspiration from a dream I had back in October. It’s not turning out like my dream or anything else on this planet. Well, maybe one animal. I’ve also thrown a bunch of creative challenges ahead of me and I’m one big goose bump of anticipation.

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