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Static Movement

February 12, 2009 // Posted in !Vent. (Tags: , , , , , ) |  No Comments

the start off..

Static Movement

My annoyance level is cresting at the moment and Muni. Well, it’s Muni.
“Static movement” is what I would call it. I couldn’t stop chucking at the fact we were already in Embarcadero Station and we’re repeatedly tortured with “approaching Embarcadero”. Seeing Bart passenger mocking us going up on the escalator/stairs didn’t help or stop my laughter. What’s the point of having driver if they can’t override the automation for a brief moment to let people off the train. I won’t event start on how you could bullet all the way from Church Street and still have to stop between Montgomery and Embarcadero for Embarcadero. Silly nonsense. Now, my work computer wants to act like its having a retrograde and I’m overhearing a strained conversation. Ouch. Basically, I want to be working my project and everything is an annoyance. Gotta go zen for five hour before nirvana.

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