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** Funny incident edited for internet privacy**
This drunken vagabond slurred his way across Hayes Street into a watering hole with the intent of replenishing himself, but incurred the wrath of the in-keeper. Popeye reeked of failed glories and swaddled laughting-lionup to the bar, or so he thought. More like a zig-zag from the front door, to a video game, back to the front door, ATM machine then finally a stool. It was quite amusing to the patrons. A defiant “GET OUT” erupted from the in-keeper’s lips. In a dramatic departure from the normal dismissive, the in-keeper came from behind the bar to secure the parameter. He feverishly spraying everywhere Popeye had been with this mysterious spray can. The bar, stools, video game, ATM machine…open air! His efforts drew admiration. I felt clean and swine-flu free from watching. I demanded to know what was being used. Demanded. Lysol? Febreze? … AQUA NET HAIR SPRAY!! It became a googolplex moment of laughter.


First you need to know about a googol: the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros (in decimal representation). The term was coined in 1938[1] by Milton Sirotta (1929–1980), nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Kasner popularized the concept in his book Mathematics and the Imagination (1940).

Googolplex is the number 10 followed by a googol.
There isn’t enough space in the universe for all those zeros. I equate it to creative inspiration. That one brief moment when human aspiration conjuncts with totality; delirious wonderment erodes barriers of duality and enlightenment step forth…YES! And the dance of the ancients begin. Amen. Hallelujah(הללויה). OMM!
The side effects are de-li-cious. A well trusted kitchen staple is my new BF for wire pieces. I was contemplating ideas regarding some labor issues and by chance my eye happened to affix on the container. BAM! The rouge idea electrified my senses. I became light headed and flushed. Maniacal laughter filled the air and my blessing turned into action. I set a record for the longest time spent on a wire piece in one sitting: 7 hours. I tore into it like a Christmas ham. Usually, I cut wire off the spool. This time I attached it to the piece and carried on. 100 yards later the green was gone. “It not done”, I brayed. I rustled up some purple and began anew. My thoughts became mercurial as I bore through obstacles peppering my progress. As my hair was my witness, I was not to be denied!

A loop in time

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time kepts on slippin back to past futures

time keeps on slippin back to past futures....

I love those rare profound moment of new discoveries. I’ve been on an astronomy kick and I happened to share my interest with a co-worker whose become a watershed of information. I first was intrigued by the idea the that everything in the universe is in constant movement, even our sun swaggers about with us in tow. We marveled at the sling shot effect of protective Jupiter and the mysteries of Europa,  its sixth moon. Our latest exchange left me awe struck. My face went blank when I was told light from the stars we see could be from a star that burned out eons ago. We’re use to turning on a light switch and instantly a dark room is lit. When you add some distance, even light appears sluggish. It takes 8 minutes for light photons from our Sun to travel 93 million miles to reach Earth. If the sun were to suddenly disappear, the Earth would be sunless 8 minutes later. One light year is 6 trillion miles, meaning in one year light travels away from its source 6 trillion miles. Add some years to a light year and you get a small glimpse of how gigantic the universe is. There are stars out that that have burned out long before the Earth and their light is still traveling towards us.   Since the universe is continually expanding, light is…eternal.

Cruicble of creation

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Divine inspiration. The creative stirs. Seeds have been planted and rooting has started earlier than expected. I’m back to 1996. I spend my lunches scribbling away and off time finding inspiration in the beauty of life. I’ve broken the covenant with myself of completing a project before I tear into another in the same medium. I shall immediately surrender my Sith card and Emperor decoder ring. It means that much! I have no choice a this point. Ideas are hitting too fast and furious and I love being seduced by the creative side of the force. Two more wire project are screaming to get done. One is a spin off of the one I’m currently working on and the other is spanking new. The inspiration for the third one hit like a cosmic lighting bolt, and it is the cosmos that in spawned the idea. I learned that Jupiter emits sound waves that can be heard on the AM frequency. Sounds from a planet? Amazing! By the way, the third one has no association with sound. Creativity is that quirky. Since I’m so fertile at this point, I’m putting it to good use with my need for less sleep. I’ve accepted the fact I can’t slumber like I want to and this night owl now enjoy his pre-dawn mornings.

tunin' out to tune in...

tunin' out to tune in...

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