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Quick rewind

January 8, 2009 // Posted in !Create, Wire Folk (Tags: , , , , , , , , ) |  1 Comment

I dub the Awaken after this picture.

I dub the Awaken after this picture.

During the 1996 presidential primaries, I rediscovered my artistic talents. I thought I had wasted money on buying art supplies after painting my kitchen. Wrong! While watching, no, listening to Pat Buchanan during one of the debates, my kidneys were elbowing my jaw for space. Pro-white, pro-America, etc. He acted as Mexico was a national security threat. He was so tame on The McLaughlin Group. From then on I moved into wire design and graphic design. My mother started me off on painting to keep my fingers busy and away from the walls. The other influence was my art teacher in seventh grade. He looked like Dr. Emmett Brown from from Back to the Future with a character to match. I’ll never forget the time a roach ran across the table and he roared up and declared “don’t kill the roaches”……. “They’re my friends!” He didn’t offer much in the way of knowledge but his acceptance of his quirkiness alleviated the anxiety I had about mine.

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