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MUNI:” We’re on time in making you late.”

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Muni:" We're on time in making you late."

Well, what can be said that hasn’t already been exhausted on the topic of MUNI. A lot, if it’s your main source of transportation. This morning was an exception to the rule. With a casual jester, my Manipura chariot awaited across the street. I hopped and strapped myself in thinking,”Oh, the blockages I will be sear thorough today.” The driver was impressed with my route selection. I prefer Post Street. Bush feels too much like traffic and Post feels more like a stroll. For those needing the thrill of bumper to bumper, there’s the infamous one block of gridlock before Union Square. This day I took delighted pleasure in it’s static movement. My driver and I witness the unheard of…a biker had to stop and wait. Numerous times! Actually, it drew some laughter and spirited comments. That merriment withered away as the driver flowered in to the Dali Lama from South Side. He was letting everybody and their mama turn, or switch lanes, in front of him. “Well, I’ll be (#*$@”, to myself. I got a doormat of a driver. Luckily, the radio caught my attention when they mention Whitney Houston’s will and what she left to her daughter. And more importantly, who didn’t get anything. Bobby Badboy Brown got nothing. Then I learned she had her will drawn up in 2000 and divorced Bobby in 2007. Go head, Whitney! She knew what was up. Bobby’s book should be titled: “Didn’t He Almost have it All.” or include this jewel of a song in his set: ‘I have Nothing”! HA. “Don’t repo my vespa today…I got a gig at Subyway.” Exiting the cab, I couldn’t get the image out of my head of a picture of Bobby singing I have nothing. I rushed up to my office and made use of the software available. It was the laugh of the morning.

Round midnight.

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Whirling throw the sausage tube, my senses craved any oddity, movement, non-conformity.

I was testing myself to find a spark in the most dismal of all places…MUNI. Instead, I swallowed the grim reality of ashed dreams from the worn out ups and downs passengers. Our mood wasn’t chipper. Saturday morning cartoons left some of us a long time ago and others screens displayed off the air snow. I bravely imagined how menial people’s lives must be to imprint such an image on the world then quickly switched to my lunch options before I puked in my mouth. I was the picture perfect urbane MUNI-muter. 70% The Joker. 22% The Fool. 8% unknown. In total denial of my insignificance, but consciously fashion forward. Bling isn’t necessary for that swing-zing. I would say introducing something other than black and grey in a wardrobe would be radically progressive and effective. Shades are mandatory. This dual purposed lifesaver deflects unnecessary eye-interaction. And tones down that wretched lighting should The City remember to change the bulbs. Messenger bags trumps the dated backpack, which is better suited for weekend affairs. A good pair of blue tooth cover-the-entire-ear-headphones insulates you from any noise, especially if the little people should muster up the courage to speak. Olfactory senses are pretty much defenseless and battles through the over-sprayed and under-washed individuals. Breathing through the mouth or flat out moving are your only options when confronted with a hearty city-dweller who chooses odor as their vehicle of communication. MUNI must be commended for providing a vehicle for us to experience the colorful displays of human evolution. I may gripe and moan but the levels of entertainment exceeds my intolerance. Long live Late Night!

It’s ironic the most tragic of circumstances can result in the greatest of discoveries. I’ve always fiddled around with my voice but something primal is urging me to delve deeper. I’ve got a hunger only satisfaction can stop. I’ve woken up from sleep singing. Vishuddha I hear ya loud and clear. “OM!” All my other projects are in a holding pattern. Currently, challenging myself to deconstruct my poems into songs. “Whew!”This outlet fits me like a glove and it’s the best stress reliever. I’m finally putting my big mouth to good use. I got a little carried away at work and got called out in an email. She even came over and said I had a nice voice. : )


A big welcome to Funny!

S & G of a day!

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Didn’t shave causin’ wave on MUNI today.  Everyone a fire sign on a short play date.  Touch with your eyes? See with your hands? What are the rules of this game again.  “Approaching Embarcadero!”  MUNI ain’t my friend.

the start off..

Approaching Embarcadero!

Have you ever had a tease of sneeze anchored in one nostril for days? Torture? Peak experience?  Something in order for me to have a  pixelated  moment on MUNI this morning.  Mischief is afoot and I pity my co-workers. One already loves my spoon typing skills. She gave me a wound up chick. A band emerges as salsa scents the background: MurderHole or Meurtriere.  Chirp would make a perfect drummer/rhythm section to my percussionistic expressions.  The world would be ours for the taking so long as  Chirp can keeps the beat.  Failure is a guaranteed date with Crisco.  Auditioning this frog who love the vaudeville . “Hello my baby..hello my honey…. hello my ragtime gal.”    We’ll see.  “Burp.”

Suns calling, bye.

Static Movement

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the start off..

Static Movement

My annoyance level is cresting at the moment and Muni. Well, it’s Muni.
“Static movement” is what I would call it. I couldn’t stop chucking at the fact we were already in Embarcadero Station and we’re repeatedly tortured with “approaching Embarcadero”. Seeing Bart passenger mocking us going up on the escalator/stairs didn’t help or stop my laughter. What’s the point of having driver if they can’t override the automation for a brief moment to let people off the train. I won’t event start on how you could bullet all the way from Church Street and still have to stop between Montgomery and Embarcadero for Embarcadero. Silly nonsense. Now, my work computer wants to act like its having a retrograde and I’m overhearing a strained conversation. Ouch. Basically, I want to be working my project and everything is an annoyance. Gotta go zen for five hour before nirvana.


January 13, 2009 // Posted in !Vent. (Tags: , , , ) |  No Comments gotta do it. gotta do it.

The sausage tube was semi-entertaining this morning. I discovered this woman chatting to herself as if she was whispering to someone. I couldn’t tell if the woman next to her caught on, but she appeared as vapid as Ms. AT&T. Later, I thought she was cooing the baby aboard, but she was caught up in her moment. She so needed to get over herself. Tick or no tick. I moved in closer. At least this wasn’t like last week:
Weird start of a morning, especially at 5:30 AM. Jumped on a wire piece and experienced “minor” difficulties in my approach for hind legs. They’re not “feeling” right. Fifteen hours later, I bullet off to merciful MUNI. I treated myself to the F-Line. I figured a nice quiet scenic route instead of the sausage tube could help me dream storm my latest project. Two incidents erupted at different times, but oddly in the same location. Our first combatants were ushered off at 10th. I almost teared up at the “take your hands off me” part. Volume goes up louder on player and I shielded my face in the window. Less than 10 minutes, in the same location, the Springerettes are throwin’ down for a late night. This gripping visual was more than enough and I passed on the dialogue as my music played on.