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Omelet Face

April 13, 2011 // Posted in !Share, !Vent. (Tags: , , ) |  No Comments

Seems I’ve been the butt of a Mercury retrograde joke. I use to think lightly of this occurrence, but this time around the winged trickster has tilted me like a pinball machine. Basically, during a Mercury retrograde, lines of communications, travel, appointments get screwy among other things. Last night, while extracting an image to make into a layer for another image, I realized I’ve been severely challenged in the communication arena these pass couple of weeks. There’s the “I love you and you’re so good to me” email I sent by mistake to the head partner in our group. That was a thank you note intended for his secretary. Then there’s I’m new to the cell phone routine, like saving a name to the wrong number and texting the wrong person, or like having your phone randomly calling people, while you’re having a conversation. I’ve been wondering these pass weeks under a hex of mixed signals and reckless disclosure and could certainly use the undo or redo button of life right about now. My usual problem is losing my cell phone not operating them. Also learned all this year’s Mercury retrogrades are happening in the fire signs and I’m now off to entertain myself on what crap I find about that.