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March 16, 2009 // Posted in !Vent. (Tags: , , , , , ) |  1 Comment



Lies. Chicanery. And just plain unfair! Microsoft’s latest marketing slogan mocks more than encouraged. I endured a three hour + tour of restores, registry cleanings, belligerent threats, cooing, prayers and sage burning (not really) for what turned out to be a video codec problem. One would think with all the bombardment of updates and security patches Microsoft spams they’d update codecs. Their real passions are road blocks, detours and speed bumps. You can never reach your potential unless you’re challenged. Who knew Microsoft was so freakin’ deep? Dealing with Microsoft is like being in a partnership in the fishing industry until you realize you’re the first catch. Window 7 is soon to be rammed down our throats while Vistas can’t seem to get off its teething ring. They need to take the operating system back to formula. And their products are woefully humors. PowerPoint is PowerPointless! For the life of me, I still can’t wrap my brain around Office 2007 having compatibility issues with Office 2003. Spare me the Apple rant. I’ve visited their forums and the venom factor is about the same. I see they’re peddling virus/spyware protection now. Looks like the mighty Apple has been juiced and the tiger been pelted. I thought they were untouchable. The whole computer industry is the best nickle and dime racket to day. Ponzi schemes are so pre 9/11.

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