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To Poke or Not to Poke….

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Desperate times calls for desperate measures, especially when you’re in a two hour meeting and the bobble head effect is upon you. I was unprepared for the vapid verbiage that assaulted my un-caffeinated body. My only saving grace was the coveted back area I stealthy secured upon my arrival, while the novices bickered over breakfast. My sanctuary lasted for a hot New York minute as I labored to appear focused and mildly interested. I tried pinching, adjusting my seat, playing with my hair. I almost axed my ban on cofffee, but instead give my tongue a defiant bite. Ten minutues deep into the meeting I was already haggard and had exhausted all options. I was sinking to rise no more. My eye lids weighted of anchors lost long ago. I started swaying in the ether between dreams and reality. A ray of light in the form of a poke brought me back to the grips of reality. I thanked my giggling savior and commenced to doodling. I drew circles, boxes and scribbled catch phrases, but my mind fancied on my poke. I couldn’t remember the last time I was poked. If I hadn’t drained my battery with Angry Bird, I’d check up on my stories on facebook. Then it hit me… does anyone poke on facebook? Who knows? The poke button is the one function that not publicly broadcast in the News Feeds or Walls, I could be wrong but I’ve never seen it appear in feeds from the self-absorbed pride of mega stars and icons I associated with. A persona boundary issue, maybe? See me, but don’t TOUCH me appears to be the silent mantra heard over clicking mouses and keyboards. A poke is deemed a breach through the gated compound and the “little people” are free to roam about and touch things. There are groupies at the front door and stalker at the back, sifting through our refuse; however, the paparazzi is held in high regards and a readily supplies of batteries are kept near their designated entryways. Or, a poke is deemed an unwanted illicit act. One woman learned the hard way. Survey says….

Do you poke?
Yes (If so, have you done any below…)
No. (good to bed, but some may still apply below)
Returned a poke
Ignored a poke
Hit poke button by mistake
Blocked someone for excessive poking
Flamed a person’s wall about their errant poking
Poke strangers you don’t know from someone else account
Poke the wrong person
Wished that special someone would poke you
Wished anyone would poke you
Received pokes from different people
Witchiepoo giggle while you poke
Drunk, etc poke
Hoover over the poke button contemplating
Host poke
Travel poke
Have or wished for a touch me in the morning and then just walk away poke
Uh, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here poke
What’s your name again poke
Uh, your cab is here poke
Uh, excuse me that’s my man/woman, baby’s daddie/mama, pot pie poke
Dude, where’s my car poke
Excuse me poke
Poke the poke out of me poke.
Danm you poke

Denial isn’t just about a river….

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My name is Wayne and I’m a computerholic. It all started 1999 with the arrival of my first Dell Desktop. I consulted with our IT department on what to get. A bottomless pit 20 gigs hard drive, 256 MB of blistering ram, a 56k modem of unheard of speed, “Unheard of.” A DVD reader and CD burner, a vivid 17 inch svelte LCD monitor, stereo speakers and a subwoofer that still rocks. It was the throne to my empire. The internet was still in its infancy and I was limited to using it only at work. I remember the fax machine joke craze, the Outlook email frenzies, but the computer and internet blow the lid off the camcorder. Windows 98 was ushering us to the cutting edge and I wanted to tap that pulse. My curiosity was satiated with the endless amount of information I could acquired from the click of a mouse. Soon I grew tired clicking away and wanted to be more proactive. A website was in order and the seduction began. I’d championed my domain name; secured a hosting company and cracked the obstacle of co, co-ding. New software introduced new ways of thinking. I started bridging my art into the computer. Endless possibilities landscape my environment and the word no meant nothing. I’ll do this, finds this and exploit that, Gradual my art waned to a block. Graphic art was a quick fix but it was more reactionary than problem solving. I couldn’t see the elephant in the room for all the software, things and stuff I simply had to get and know.
In 2003, I got my second Dell, More power, space, speed and 19inch flat panel screen. I learned many lessons on that machine. I was very confident in my computer skills and was willing to take more risks. I was on XP Professional and discovered an effective tool it offered: encryption. A blessing when used properly. Foolishly, I disable my virus protection for a file to download faster and got my first virus! Reinstalling was fine until I couldn’t find the floppy disk with my encryption key to restore files from my external drive…hmm? My first defeat was at hand and a costly one. I soon realized the significant of that key. Though the external drive had a copy of my key, it and all my other files were encrypted. I could see the file, but was denied access. I spiral deeper into the computer. I couldn’t stop. Creatively, I was in my darkest hour. I scored my first SF art show in 2004, was accepted into City Art Gallery and appeared on HGTV but I was miserable. It was painful fielding questions about what I was creating. I viewed those opportunities as a way to kick-start my creative juices but I lacked the emotional maturity of what being an artist meant and buried my head in the computer. Creatively, I was dead. The pachyderm was fully visible now and I had no solution. I pondered on an Apple, but it was still a computer.
Dell’s scavenger hunt of 2007 derailed my efforts. I won a red notebook that I fell in love with. With my new laptop, I entered my 10th year of being in the computer age and viewed this as a new start. Writing has always been the start off point for my creative juices. I needed a solution for my addition and creative block and the blog was the answer. I revamped my website into a blog. Soon there after I was in a start and stop complex with various art projects until I was derailed by malware in July 2010. After recovering, I did nothing! There were a few uninspiring blog posts, but nothing like 2009. I forced myself into a time out. I watched all my DVDs and listened to all my CDs. I ushered in 2011 hungry to create in electronic mediums, but I’m weary of the beast within and what it nearly robbed me of. For months I labored over this post at work and it been six months since my last post! I’m ready to express.


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I and still haven’t figured out the direction of this one (Raw Start). I hung the wire circle on the wall to
gauge it’s partner. I became irritated by the lack of obedience the circle inflicted upon me by not flushing against the wall. I fiddled around at correcting it and then abandoned it swaying. It kept swaying. Periodically, I would tear away for the idiot screen and see it mocking me. “STOP!” I challenged. My curiosity was engaged. “Let’s see now?” Nope. “Sneak peek on the wink, wink?” Wrong again. “Really?” I reluctantly admitted from across the room. …”POOF!” An angle was discovered. Thoughts became light and receptive. Exploration became the theme. My entire surrounding was a canvass of hidden enjoyment.

Bass clef

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“The only thing that speaks on stage is courage!”

I dilly dallied on this too long. NO edits, etc…
I once thought deep breathing exercise were foolish and a waste of breathe. I don’t any more. I never realized how I taught my body to breathe incorrectly. When the restless brain chatter is calmed and the body relaxed, memories long since forgotten and comes vividly to life Two incidents comes to mind that leaves me no choice but to accept the fact that I’m loud and intense. To all my friends, co-worker, shocked onlookers who weathered through my expressiveness. I wanna to thank you for patience and understanding

For some odd reason, my physiology class wander on to the topic of sound. Immediately, I was overcome with boredom and casually wandered off into the conversation in the backroom. Somehow I got singled out by the teacher and confronted with “what happens when sound is unorganized, Wayne?” A snorty “noise” echoed the room. “Exactly, now be quiet!” Touche. But I was still right. It would have drawn more laughs from the room but we were still reeling from the excitement from days before. Our resident Duran, Duran groupie and whatshisname were in a heated discussion in the front of class that resulted in a power across his face. I was stunned, the class was stunned, the teacher was stunned! He didn’t roll with it and adsorbed the full brunt. He stood there for seemed an eternity and didn’t move. One whiff of a tear, flinch in pain, utterance from his mouth would have spelled wimp. He was humiliated. My humiliation happened when I was denied access to the school library one morning. I was in full Wayne mood and she could sense (hear) me coming. A defiant “not today, Wayne!” Laughter surrounded us as we engaged in a spirited banter. I gallantly defended my right to an education and she constructively suggested I should explore effective time management skills and use the library for what its for and not as my social den. Days later we reached an agreement. I eventually graduated but, she didn’t have to get all Mrs. Wallace on me. I wasn’t trying to gain access to the Foster Auditorium. Already been done.
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Wheel of FortuNe

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I think its time to stop1250am
…And the wheel turns… and the wheel turns. We’re all part of the wheel.

…..This solar return was meet with unbridled creativity. Writing, wire twisting and sound making have dominated the landscape. Maybe be heading back to using home computer for things other than watching movies. The discovery of a “lost” graphic design has resurfaced and renewed my interest in continuing the series. I have the RAW images back!

…..Fumbling through my scribbling I can’t get the egg and chicken conundrum out of my head. Or, what’s the sound of a one-handed clap. I don’t care if it’s the egg or chicken came first so long as they’re hot and well seasoned. Countless failed attempts at trying to get a simple request like “could you please have my scramble eggs seasoned with a little salt and pepper” has harden me. It not like I wanted an amendment to the constitution. Don’t even get me started on finding enchilada in this place world renowned for its grub. And by real, I mean the kind you bake! Having to ask this at a taqueria is insulting. If I wanted 7-11, I’d go to Taco Bell. Okay.. let’s get back on track. Egg over Chicken? I say neither came first. Perhaps, an image was first? For me, working with wire is like working backwards from starting with an image to completion. Suffice it to say, they’re here. Next! A one-handed clap? A one-handed clap against what? Thigh? Knucklehead? Face? Tosh? Let’s think outside the box.

Some treats. Here’s two brief excerpts of one poem I’ve revisited:
Binding me to the test I need
Icy rings feed on me
Covets my life my destiny

Hear those circle counter quantum leaps
Rigid coils blocks the free
Diverts my path and blind to see
Bruises my heart in mockery
One step ….. (Of course there’s more…)

Binding me to the test that I need
Coils bleed tight but I’m still moving free
I dance with life, but I’m denied the lead
A misdeed is tempting me

Friends are cheering
While daggers unsheathe
Unlike the coils
They stay out of my reach
Their lack…..
(Can’t you just sense what’s ahead? There’s four more juicy verses!)

Side note: Having issues with formatting this blog. Things like indenting, centering, etc. Perhaps I mashed on the wrong button. Normally, I would “take it back to formula”, conduct a seance or sacrificial offering but I don’t care.


Round midnight.

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Whirling throw the sausage tube, my senses craved any oddity, movement, non-conformity.

I was testing myself to find a spark in the most dismal of all places…MUNI. Instead, I swallowed the grim reality of ashed dreams from the worn out ups and downs passengers. Our mood wasn’t chipper. Saturday morning cartoons left some of us a long time ago and others screens displayed off the air snow. I bravely imagined how menial people’s lives must be to imprint such an image on the world then quickly switched to my lunch options before I puked in my mouth. I was the picture perfect urbane MUNI-muter. 70% The Joker. 22% The Fool. 8% unknown. In total denial of my insignificance, but consciously fashion forward. Bling isn’t necessary for that swing-zing. I would say introducing something other than black and grey in a wardrobe would be radically progressive and effective. Shades are mandatory. This dual purposed lifesaver deflects unnecessary eye-interaction. And tones down that wretched lighting should The City remember to change the bulbs. Messenger bags trumps the dated backpack, which is better suited for weekend affairs. A good pair of blue tooth cover-the-entire-ear-headphones insulates you from any noise, especially if the little people should muster up the courage to speak. Olfactory senses are pretty much defenseless and battles through the over-sprayed and under-washed individuals. Breathing through the mouth or flat out moving are your only options when confronted with a hearty city-dweller who chooses odor as their vehicle of communication. MUNI must be commended for providing a vehicle for us to experience the colorful displays of human evolution. I may gripe and moan but the levels of entertainment exceeds my intolerance. Long live Late Night!

It’s ironic the most tragic of circumstances can result in the greatest of discoveries. I’ve always fiddled around with my voice but something primal is urging me to delve deeper. I’ve got a hunger only satisfaction can stop. I’ve woken up from sleep singing. Vishuddha I hear ya loud and clear. “OM!” All my other projects are in a holding pattern. Currently, challenging myself to deconstruct my poems into songs. “Whew!”This outlet fits me like a glove and it’s the best stress reliever. I’m finally putting my big mouth to good use. I got a little carried away at work and got called out in an email. She even came over and said I had a nice voice. : )


A big welcome to Funny!

Cruicble of creation

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Divine inspiration. The creative stirs. Seeds have been planted and rooting has started earlier than expected. I’m back to 1996. I spend my lunches scribbling away and off time finding inspiration in the beauty of life. I’ve broken the covenant with myself of completing a project before I tear into another in the same medium. I shall immediately surrender my Sith card and Emperor decoder ring. It means that much! I have no choice a this point. Ideas are hitting too fast and furious and I love being seduced by the creative side of the force. Two more wire project are screaming to get done. One is a spin off of the one I’m currently working on and the other is spanking new. The inspiration for the third one hit like a cosmic lighting bolt, and it is the cosmos that in spawned the idea. I learned that Jupiter emits sound waves that can be heard on the AM frequency. Sounds from a planet? Amazing! By the way, the third one has no association with sound. Creativity is that quirky. Since I’m so fertile at this point, I’m putting it to good use with my need for less sleep. I’ve accepted the fact I can’t slumber like I want to and this night owl now enjoy his pre-dawn mornings.

tunin' out to tune in...

tunin' out to tune in...

VI more weeks of Winter. (whew)

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...who could it be now..
…who could it be now..

Happy Groundhog Day.

This day started in 1887.

Seems Mother Nature and the Universe wants us to stay in winter mode but I can’t see how with the usual warm weather we’re having. People act as if it’s a good thing. That bubble is rudely popped when I meekly screech, “I know! Those polar bears will finally get those cadaver curves for the spring collections.” “Christmas is over, right?”

I’m working on my first wire animal. I’m drawing my inspiration from a dream I had back in October. It’s not turning out like my dream or anything else on this planet. Well, maybe one animal. I’ve also thrown a bunch of creative challenges ahead of me and I’m one big goose bump of anticipation.

Flour Bumps

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Where am I going?

Where am I going?

I discovered that making gravy is like making roux. I learned that tidbit after a rib tickler of a moment over the holidays with the mother unit. We settled down in front of the idiot box after heaping helpings of gumbo and she she starts ranting on and on about a Wolf stove. Out of nowhere, I had an attack of the sillies. I envisioned her feverishly body stirring a cauldron of gumbo on her tippy toes on top of a step ladder, wailing an eye of newt mantra. One fatal slip and I’m telling the reporter the last thing I heard was “bring me more cra…?”

My fist attempt turned out surprisingly good and flour bump free. The real fuss was the indecision that plaqued me. I’m at the store thinking of one dish and buying for another. I’m still clueless while cleaning the meat but now hungry. Nelly Furtado was all Loose in the background and I was hooked on “No Hay Igual.” I was torn between a gravy dish or beef pan stews”. It lingered over me even after browning the meat. I remembered I had potatoes. “Bye, bye stew.”

Quick rewind

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I dub the Awaken after this picture.

I dub the Awaken after this picture.

During the 1996 presidential primaries, I rediscovered my artistic talents. I thought I had wasted money on buying art supplies after painting my kitchen. Wrong! While watching, no, listening to Pat Buchanan during one of the debates, my kidneys were elbowing my jaw for space. Pro-white, pro-America, etc. He acted as Mexico was a national security threat. He was so tame on The McLaughlin Group. From then on I moved into wire design and graphic design. My mother started me off on painting to keep my fingers busy and away from the walls. The other influence was my art teacher in seventh grade. He looked like Dr. Emmett Brown from from Back to the Future with a character to match. I’ll never forget the time a roach ran across the table and he roared up and declared “don’t kill the roaches”……. “They’re my friends!” He didn’t offer much in the way of knowledge but his acceptance of his quirkiness alleviated the anxiety I had about mine.