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Denial isn’t just about a river….

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My name is Wayne and I’m a computerholic. It all started 1999 with the arrival of my first Dell Desktop. I consulted with our IT department on what to get. A bottomless pit 20 gigs hard drive, 256 MB of blistering ram, a 56k modem of unheard of speed, “Unheard of.” A DVD reader and CD burner, a vivid 17 inch svelte LCD monitor, stereo speakers and a subwoofer that still rocks. It was the throne to my empire. The internet was still in its infancy and I was limited to using it only at work. I remember the fax machine joke craze, the Outlook email frenzies, but the computer and internet blow the lid off the camcorder. Windows 98 was ushering us to the cutting edge and I wanted to tap that pulse. My curiosity was satiated with the endless amount of information I could acquired from the click of a mouse. Soon I grew tired clicking away and wanted to be more proactive. A website was in order and the seduction began. I’d championed my domain name; secured a hosting company and cracked the obstacle of co, co-ding. New software introduced new ways of thinking. I started bridging my art into the computer. Endless possibilities landscape my environment and the word no meant nothing. I’ll do this, finds this and exploit that, Gradual my art waned to a block. Graphic art was a quick fix but it was more reactionary than problem solving. I couldn’t see the elephant in the room for all the software, things and stuff I simply had to get and know.
In 2003, I got my second Dell, More power, space, speed and 19inch flat panel screen. I learned many lessons on that machine. I was very confident in my computer skills and was willing to take more risks. I was on XP Professional and discovered an effective tool it offered: encryption. A blessing when used properly. Foolishly, I disable my virus protection for a file to download faster and got my first virus! Reinstalling was fine until I couldn’t find the floppy disk with my encryption key to restore files from my external drive…hmm? My first defeat was at hand and a costly one. I soon realized the significant of that key. Though the external drive had a copy of my key, it and all my other files were encrypted. I could see the file, but was denied access. I spiral deeper into the computer. I couldn’t stop. Creatively, I was in my darkest hour. I scored my first SF art show in 2004, was accepted into City Art Gallery and appeared on HGTV but I was miserable. It was painful fielding questions about what I was creating. I viewed those opportunities as a way to kick-start my creative juices but I lacked the emotional maturity of what being an artist meant and buried my head in the computer. Creatively, I was dead. The pachyderm was fully visible now and I had no solution. I pondered on an Apple, but it was still a computer.
Dell’s scavenger hunt of 2007 derailed my efforts. I won a red notebook that I fell in love with. With my new laptop, I entered my 10th year of being in the computer age and viewed this as a new start. Writing has always been the start off point for my creative juices. I needed a solution for my addition and creative block and the blog was the answer. I revamped my website into a blog. Soon there after I was in a start and stop complex with various art projects until I was derailed by malware in July 2010. After recovering, I did nothing! There were a few uninspiring blog posts, but nothing like 2009. I forced myself into a time out. I watched all my DVDs and listened to all my CDs. I ushered in 2011 hungry to create in electronic mediums, but I’m weary of the beast within and what it nearly robbed me of. For months I labored over this post at work and it been six months since my last post! I’m ready to express.

Bubble Pop!

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As I vigorously attacked the bridge in my mix voice, I chewed on Judge Walker’s decision on Prop 8. So, it was ruled unconstitutional; however the stay was maintained and it could be upheld in U.S.S.C. All that merriment and ruckus that ensued later was a bit premature. While my instructor had me doing lip trebles, I contemplated the real meat and potatoes of any union: living trusts, power of attorney, wills, insurance policies, liability waivers and DNR forms.

The nostalgic prenup is only binding when it’s drafted on the dried bar napkin that still has your intended spouses phone number and ….name?

“This way.” “Over here!”

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A fleeting nanosecond of notoriety happen while waiting for a friend for lunch. Our meet up was the bustling tourist mill of Powell Street. A visual petri dish of every slice of life the foggy 7 X 7 has to offer. The only missing specimens were the clipboards,canvassers, religious broken records and Frank. I stationed myself near a pole out of the way the wandering herds and drifted off into a music daydream. I didn’t pay any attention this group of women until I notice they were taking picture and cautious moving near me. I thought they wanted a picture of the pole and were scared to ask me to me. “Let me move.” “NO!” They inched closer, cameras were exchanged, while they talked amongst themselves. Then lots of bows and the shoot was done. I should have mention I wasn’t Stevie Wonder or Nicholas Ashford, not that they had asked me, but they must have confused me with someone else. It’s usually distant stares and complete silence as we pass each other. The only thing I can attribute the change to was the outfit of the day. A last minute iron saver. At least they have a good eye.

Chip, chip away…..

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Ever bitten off more than you can chew? I’m wading through all the photos and

videos of me tiling my table and I can’t get a decent story line together from

what I was able to salvage from an encryption problem. Some ideas are gonna

have to filmed again and I’m not to pleased. I gonna need additional bodies for

angles, etc… Then there’s the whole permission things with stores. I don’t get

it. You want publicity, but no piracy of store’s theme, products, etc…. Have

they ever heard of hidden camera? Recently, I’ve been brushed away from just

filming the outside of stores, like their store is the center of my focus. Now

if someone was robbin’ the joint, they’d want every jpg, mov. mpg, and wmv

for evidence. While I’m there, people who get into a huffy about having their

picture taken shouldn’t leave their dwellings. I wonder the film time one

consumes on various cameras while going to work. MUNI doesn’t count cause

most of their camera don’t work! The only cameras that seem to work properly

on MUNI are those from passenger filming the latest beat down. Another false

sense of security are fake security camera. Need I vent more? Those seeking

attention would really be hot if their Air Jordan were scuffed up in some urban

larceny that didn’t filmed. Outdated video programs presents the next hurtle.

I like the program I have, but it’s not working properly due to continual updates.

I’m so over it. I tried just using what Windows had to offer. TRIED! I have to

investigate new video editing software and that not the time I want to spend in

front of a monitor. Hopefully the learning curves aren’t steep this time around.

Third problem is laziness pays off NOW!

Things that makes you go oops…!

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Perfection is the goal, but life is the result. I painstaking labored on a project and seconds up to it being executed my computer said, “NO!” No, no. No. I’m going to slow up, freeze and send as is, Wayne. You’ve wasted too much time mashing buttons on it already. You need to be outdoors enjoying this good sun we’re having. If you don’t stop, I’m gonna blue screen ya.

Art night will be intense tonight.

Mr. Butterfingers performed a bull in a china shop showstopper in Williams Sonoma.



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I and still haven’t figured out the direction of this one (Raw Start). I hung the wire circle on the wall to
gauge it’s partner. I became irritated by the lack of obedience the circle inflicted upon me by not flushing against the wall. I fiddled around at correcting it and then abandoned it swaying. It kept swaying. Periodically, I would tear away for the idiot screen and see it mocking me. “STOP!” I challenged. My curiosity was engaged. “Let’s see now?” Nope. “Sneak peek on the wink, wink?” Wrong again. “Really?” I reluctantly admitted from across the room. …”POOF!” An angle was discovered. Thoughts became light and receptive. Exploration became the theme. My entire surrounding was a canvass of hidden enjoyment.


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Happy 1 year anniversary to the blog sphere, LockeOn!

I’m so proud of you, Wayne!! : )


2009 Year-end blurbs.

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Didn’t think I’d still be at this let alone have a selection to pull from.

Quick Rewind: While watching, no, listening to Pat Buchanan during one of the debates, my kidneys were elbowing my jaw for space.

Flour Bumps: I envisioned her feverishly body stirring a cauldron of gumbo on her tippy toes on top of a step ladder, wailing an eye of newt mantra. One fatal slip and I’m telling the reporter the last thing I heard was “bring me more cra…?”

Don’t cha know: A towering 5.2 wannabe hip Londoner, stumbling on stilettos, in an all black ensemble complete with a full length duster sweater to mask her thighs of bovine proportions. She was compensating for her height and weight distribution issues. It worked on paper. The first time I saw her I knew I was in for a treat as she hopped on the ottoman to sit down. Imagine the legendary Edith Massey overseeing your television debut.

000011100011000011000: Their real passions are road blocks, detours and speed bumps. You can never reach your potential unless you’re challenged. Who knew Microsoft was so freakin’ deep? Dealing with Microsoft is like being in a partnership in the fishing industry until you realize you’re the first catch.

Teamwork: “No!” I hastily interrupted. “We’re both gonna fail, but I can afford the hit.”

Googolplex: I equate it to creative inspiration. That one brief moment when human aspiration conjuncts with totality; delirious wonderment erodes barriers of duality and enlightenment step forth…YES!

Round midnight: I was the picture perfect urbane MUNI-muter. 70% The Joker. 22% The Fool. 8% unknown. In total denial of my insignificance, but consciously fashion forward.

Wheel of FortuNe: Having to ask this at a taqueria is insulting. If I wanted 7-11, I’d go to Taco Bell.

Bass clef: Laughter surrounded us as we engaged in a spirited banter. I gallantly defended my right to an education and she constructively suggested I should explore effective time management skills and use the library for what its for and not as my social den.

Third Shock of a Future Wave

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Alvin Toffler’s Jungian insights are spot on and I humbly eat my words. My

nanosecond of an attention span LABORED through his books and found them dull

as dishwater, much like the class that made his books a requirement. No pictures,

illustrations, color and boring font. If your going to write about the future, take it

to the next level in publication. I akin to reading his books to the time I was on

court-ordered lock down at the dinner table until I finished my liver. My tactic of

eat and gulp exhausted my non-refillable Kool Aid glass. My desperate pro-vitamin

petition was laughably denied. “You should be.. .blah, blah.” “People in

other…blah, blah.” Any further responses on my part would have been a death

wish, especially nothing tastes as good as skinny feels* or you can send them my

plate. But I digress…

The information era is certainly upon us. There’s more information available at our f

finger tips then warranted. This insatiable need for instantaneous proliferation of

information is fueling the internet and era. However, speed is a dis-service to

information. Sound bites and blurbs are preferred over content. Validity of a story

keeps credible news agencies in check. Broadcast new has sophisticated the pop

up video format and newscaster are cut and pasted on to a streaming smorgasbord

of stocks, quotes, weather, sports scores and lackluster “BREAKING NEWS”. Even

poor, Hermes couldn’t resurrect a “breaking” update back to its relevance when

fear demanded answers during 9/11. The ease of convenience the internet offer is

enticing as it is predacious. Answer to questions are answered by those embolden

enough to elevate them above rhetorical background chattering; however, there’s

a hidden cost for that ease and it’s information– your information. Number 2

couldn’t be more than happier. #’s are irrelevant when cell phones and i.p.

addresses are more intimate. And this ease is a direct assault on what is emerging

to be a coveted commodity: privacy. Passwords, security, phishing, encryption,

spy ware, key loggers and SSL now fuels the paranoia that Microsoft cultivated. I

believe a precedent will be set when there’s a fee to recover your password. At

least this phenomena will remain in the cyber-clouds and not breach our reality like

the bubble. During the mid-90’s, the internet was the new technological

wonder and at a staggering speed of 28k investment firms wanted in. Start ups

with cozy granola leaning and pocket protector efficiency boldly declared the

future is here. The more hits to a website meant more allowance and made

reaching the unattainable attainable. Even the foggy seven by seven. Armed with

oodles of disposable income and egos as vapid as the contents on their websites,

fledgelings C.E.O. C.T.O. C.O.O., C.F.O and C.B.S.O. (why not) plagued various

metropolitan. Locally, landlords reacted with higher rents and the Ellis Act thinly

cloaked shady evictions. Condo became the new SRO and littered the landscape.

Artists were ejected from S.O.M.A. and had to strategically retreat to the East Bay

or Peninsula. When investors realized hits to a website didn’t equal $$$, the mirror

had cracked and the smoked evaporated. An exodus soon followed. Traditional

analyst warned investors to “get out” The internet sector was head towards a grim

course correction. Nasdaq experienced a record 570 point free fall drop and so did

investors’ confidence. Capital dried up! iVillage, Peadpod CDNow and the likes soon

vanished. Uniqueness prove to be the the key to any profitability on the internet.

Being first in search engine results is paramount. And tracking visitors to site is

good marketing, if not invasive. But is it really necessary for that cookie to stay

active on a computer for 10 years? Despite efforts to sure up exposed ports and

secure information much has already been exposed and still recoverable for those

skilled at recovery. As hackers continue to plague the net, passwords need to be

longer, have lower and uppercase characters and symbols. Now when you’ve

entered your user/password incorrectly a number of times your account is either

frozen or you’re opted to enter a series of incoherent letter and symbols for

access. Some password recovery processes involve a confirmation code sent to

an email address. What happens if you can’t access your email account? The

recovery merry-go-round will become more complicated. Complaints will demand an

easier process and a fee is introduced in the terms and agreements blindly agreed

upon. “Click”

*= a Kate Moss original. Who knew?

Bass clef

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“The only thing that speaks on stage is courage!”

I dilly dallied on this too long. NO edits, etc…
I once thought deep breathing exercise were foolish and a waste of breathe. I don’t any more. I never realized how I taught my body to breathe incorrectly. When the restless brain chatter is calmed and the body relaxed, memories long since forgotten and comes vividly to life Two incidents comes to mind that leaves me no choice but to accept the fact that I’m loud and intense. To all my friends, co-worker, shocked onlookers who weathered through my expressiveness. I wanna to thank you for patience and understanding

For some odd reason, my physiology class wander on to the topic of sound. Immediately, I was overcome with boredom and casually wandered off into the conversation in the backroom. Somehow I got singled out by the teacher and confronted with “what happens when sound is unorganized, Wayne?” A snorty “noise” echoed the room. “Exactly, now be quiet!” Touche. But I was still right. It would have drawn more laughs from the room but we were still reeling from the excitement from days before. Our resident Duran, Duran groupie and whatshisname were in a heated discussion in the front of class that resulted in a power across his face. I was stunned, the class was stunned, the teacher was stunned! He didn’t roll with it and adsorbed the full brunt. He stood there for seemed an eternity and didn’t move. One whiff of a tear, flinch in pain, utterance from his mouth would have spelled wimp. He was humiliated. My humiliation happened when I was denied access to the school library one morning. I was in full Wayne mood and she could sense (hear) me coming. A defiant “not today, Wayne!” Laughter surrounded us as we engaged in a spirited banter. I gallantly defended my right to an education and she constructively suggested I should explore effective time management skills and use the library for what its for and not as my social den. Days later we reached an agreement. I eventually graduated but, she didn’t have to get all Mrs. Wallace on me. I wasn’t trying to gain access to the Foster Auditorium. Already been done.
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