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Survial skills for employment.

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**Idea from a conversation with a co-worker this morning**
Our current employment climate is wrought with profit layoffs. And the trickle down of economics is an evaporated excuse of failure. Desperation is the hope of many. Corporations screening tactics are more cut throat than ever. Some job listing boldly states you must be currently employed in order to apply. ??? Questions be damned, secure that job! It’s a well known unspoken rule that employers prefer a candidate already employed, so is this some sort of trick… or test? The only solution to single yourself out from the competition is an unheard practice. Imagine how your cover letter and resume will sparkle under your current job’s letterhead. And if you want that color font to pop, liberally use your company’s color printer. It’s there and it’s work-related. Use your company’s e-mail, if requested to send by e-mail. The same applies to faxes and use the company’s postage meter for mail deliver. You’re already using their letterhead and have the added bonus of a matching enevlope. You’ll certainly standout. I should know. I’ve been looking for a new job for almost 10 years! It’s rough out there.

Locked and loaded.

MUNI:” We’re on time in making you late.”

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Muni:" We're on time in making you late."

Well, what can be said that hasn’t already been exhausted on the topic of MUNI. A lot, if it’s your main source of transportation. This morning was an exception to the rule. With a casual jester, my Manipura chariot awaited across the street. I hopped and strapped myself in thinking,”Oh, the blockages I will be sear thorough today.” The driver was impressed with my route selection. I prefer Post Street. Bush feels too much like traffic and Post feels more like a stroll. For those needing the thrill of bumper to bumper, there’s the infamous one block of gridlock before Union Square. This day I took delighted pleasure in it’s static movement. My driver and I witness the unheard of…a biker had to stop and wait. Numerous times! Actually, it drew some laughter and spirited comments. That merriment withered away as the driver flowered in to the Dali Lama from South Side. He was letting everybody and their mama turn, or switch lanes, in front of him. “Well, I’ll be (#*$@”, to myself. I got a doormat of a driver. Luckily, the radio caught my attention when they mention Whitney Houston’s will and what she left to her daughter. And more importantly, who didn’t get anything. Bobby Badboy Brown got nothing. Then I learned she had her will drawn up in 2000 and divorced Bobby in 2007. Go head, Whitney! She knew what was up. Bobby’s book should be titled: “Didn’t He Almost have it All.” or include this jewel of a song in his set: ‘I have Nothing”! HA. “Don’t repo my vespa today…I got a gig at Subyway.” Exiting the cab, I couldn’t get the image out of my head of a picture of Bobby singing I have nothing. I rushed up to my office and made use of the software available. It was the laugh of the morning.