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“This way.” “Over here!”

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A fleeting nanosecond of notoriety happen while waiting for a friend for lunch. Our meet up was the bustling tourist mill of Powell Street. A visual petri dish of every slice of life the foggy 7 X 7 has to offer. The only missing specimens were the clipboards,canvassers, religious broken records and Frank. I stationed myself near a pole out of the way the wandering herds and drifted off into a music daydream. I didn’t pay any attention this group of women until I notice they were taking picture and cautious moving near me. I thought they wanted a picture of the pole and were scared to ask me to me. “Let me move.” “NO!” They inched closer, cameras were exchanged, while they talked amongst themselves. Then lots of bows and the shoot was done. I should have mention I wasn’t Stevie Wonder or Nicholas Ashford, not that they had asked me, but they must have confused me with someone else. It’s usually distant stares and complete silence as we pass each other. The only thing I can attribute the change to was the outfit of the day. A last minute iron saver. At least they have a good eye.