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Chip, chip away…..

May 5, 2010 // Posted in !Create, !Vent., Art  |  No Comments

Ever bitten off more than you can chew? I’m wading through all the photos and

videos of me tiling my table and I can’t get a decent story line together from

what I was able to salvage from an encryption problem. Some ideas are gonna

have to filmed again and I’m not to pleased. I gonna need additional bodies for

angles, etc… Then there’s the whole permission things with stores. I don’t get

it. You want publicity, but no piracy of store’s theme, products, etc…. Have

they ever heard of hidden camera? Recently, I’ve been brushed away from just

filming the outside of stores, like their store is the center of my focus. Now

if someone was robbin’ the joint, they’d want every jpg, mov. mpg, and wmv

for evidence. While I’m there, people who get into a huffy about having their

picture taken shouldn’t leave their dwellings. I wonder the film time one

consumes on various cameras while going to work. MUNI doesn’t count cause

most of their camera don’t work! The only cameras that seem to work properly

on MUNI are those from passenger filming the latest beat down. Another false

sense of security are fake security camera. Need I vent more? Those seeking

attention would really be hot if their Air Jordan were scuffed up in some urban

larceny that didn’t filmed. Outdated video programs presents the next hurtle.

I like the program I have, but it’s not working properly due to continual updates.

I’m so over it. I tried just using what Windows had to offer. TRIED! I have to

investigate new video editing software and that not the time I want to spend in

front of a monitor. Hopefully the learning curves aren’t steep this time around.

Third problem is laziness pays off NOW!