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S & G of a day!

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Didn’t shave causin’ wave on MUNI today.  Everyone a fire sign on a short play date.  Touch with your eyes? See with your hands? What are the rules of this game again.  “Approaching Embarcadero!”  MUNI ain’t my friend.

the start off..

Approaching Embarcadero!

Have you ever had a tease of sneeze anchored in one nostril for days? Torture? Peak experience?  Something in order for me to have a  pixelated  moment on MUNI this morning.  Mischief is afoot and I pity my co-workers. One already loves my spoon typing skills. She gave me a wound up chick. A band emerges as salsa scents the background: MurderHole or Meurtriere.  Chirp would make a perfect drummer/rhythm section to my percussionistic expressions.  The world would be ours for the taking so long as  Chirp can keeps the beat.  Failure is a guaranteed date with Crisco.  Auditioning this frog who love the vaudeville . “Hello my baby..hello my honey…. hello my ragtime gal.”    We’ll see.  “Burp.”

Suns calling, bye.