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in the wee morning they arrive.

in the wee morning they arrive.


give me your huddled masses.....

Heaven's Gate?

Heaven's Gate?



[L. procrastinatio: cf. F. procrastination.]
The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness.

Procrastination is the thief of time.

I must agree with this quote: “Hard work pays off in the future, but laziness pays off NOW.”
This phenomenon not only plaques the art community it seems to haunt Christmas follower, too. I’ve been in a “do it tomorrow” phase and my first line of defense has kicked in. Recognition over denial is a healthy approach for the “thief of time”. I wonder what’s the breaking point for those wanting to rid themselves of X-trees but they’re still caught up in the furor of the Christmas spirit? Certainly not New Year’s Day or EpiphanyDay. The last couple of days.I have witness multiple sightings of semi- naked tree appearing near city garbage cans, in tree beds, barren and most times oddly on their sides. The exodus picked up momentum during Martin Luther King Weekend. We’ve already passed the month mark and they still appear. Night watches are definitely in order but I’ve already wasted too much time with this entry. That tomorrow yawned into today that I bleeped away..

Flour Bumps

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Where am I going?

Where am I going?

I discovered that making gravy is like making roux. I learned that tidbit after a rib tickler of a moment over the holidays with the mother unit. We settled down in front of the idiot box after heaping helpings of gumbo and she she starts ranting on and on about a Wolf stove. Out of nowhere, I had an attack of the sillies. I envisioned her feverishly body stirring a cauldron of gumbo on her tippy toes on top of a step ladder, wailing an eye of newt mantra. One fatal slip and I’m telling the reporter the last thing I heard was “bring me more cra…?”

My fist attempt turned out surprisingly good and flour bump free. The real fuss was the indecision that plaqued me. I’m at the store thinking of one dish and buying for another. I’m still clueless while cleaning the meat but now hungry. Nelly Furtado was all Loose in the background and I was hooked on “No Hay Igual.” I was torn between a gravy dish or beef pan stews”. It lingered over me even after browning the meat. I remembered I had potatoes. “Bye, bye stew.”


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The sausage tube was semi-entertaining this morning. I discovered this woman chatting to herself as if she was whispering to someone. I couldn’t tell if the woman next to her caught on, but she appeared as vapid as Ms. AT&T. Later, I thought she was cooing the baby aboard, but she was caught up in her moment. She so needed to get over herself. Tick or no tick. I moved in closer. At least this wasn’t like last week:
Weird start of a morning, especially at 5:30 AM. Jumped on a wire piece and experienced “minor” difficulties in my approach for hind legs. They’re not “feeling” right. Fifteen hours later, I bullet off to merciful MUNI. I treated myself to the F-Line. I figured a nice quiet scenic route instead of the sausage tube could help me dream storm my latest project. Two incidents erupted at different times, but oddly in the same location. Our first combatants were ushered off at 10th. I almost teared up at the “take your hands off me” part. Volume goes up louder on player and I shielded my face in the window. Less than 10 minutes, in the same location, the Springerettes are throwin’ down for a late night. This gripping visual was more than enough and I passed on the dialogue as my music played on.

Quick rewind

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I dub the Awaken after this picture.

I dub the Awaken after this picture.

During the 1996 presidential primaries, I rediscovered my artistic talents. I thought I had wasted money on buying art supplies after painting my kitchen. Wrong! While watching, no, listening to Pat Buchanan during one of the debates, my kidneys were elbowing my jaw for space. Pro-white, pro-America, etc. He acted as Mexico was a national security threat. He was so tame on The McLaughlin Group. From then on I moved into wire design and graphic design. My mother started me off on painting to keep my fingers busy and away from the walls. The other influence was my art teacher in seventh grade. He looked like Dr. Emmett Brown from from Back to the Future with a character to match. I’ll never forget the time a roach ran across the table and he roared up and declared “don’t kill the roaches”……. “They’re my friends!” He didn’t offer much in the way of knowledge but his acceptance of his quirkiness alleviated the anxiety I had about mine.