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This is not a test. This is not a test. Remain calm. You have nothing to fear…except for your own personal safety! This veiled false sense of security of an announcement is to mock those of you still tuned in. There is no building to leave, seatbelt to fasten, or need to securely brace yourself aboard a sinking hand basket.. Yes, that was your rescue fading away in the rear view mirror, but when did that happen?. My 4G is at full bars. Surely, that counts for something.
The weird dribble above is a taste of what happens when information filters are over taxed. I recently unplugged the information plug from my socket to remember dramatic pauses, unearth the secrets nestled in the space between words, and absorb the arias of whispers from the crucible of creation ( I love that phrase). Imagine surpassing the 60,000th mark for work emails. My comprehension has eroded to a fleeting gist of summation, while wading through a “reply to all” culture plagued with ineffective communication skills and insecure egos. It’s painfully obvious of my preposition damage. I certainly can’t miss it after the fact. Do other experience this? I don’t know….
Information overload… gonna make my head explode!

Peck no evil

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Smug behind a monitor
Transparent and none the wiser
Keystrokes engrave in time
Bray your opinions
I’ll wipe mine

I wish there was a way to see the faces of these cowardly people leaving comments on the internet. I’ll have to expand my stance of not watching any broadcast news to include reading comments to articles.
“Say it to my face, mean mama medfly.”
“No, F-U!”
“NOOO! F-U and anyone else who looks like you.”

Omelet Face

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Seems I’ve been the butt of a Mercury retrograde joke. I use to think lightly of this occurrence, but this time around the winged trickster has tilted me like a pinball machine. Basically, during a Mercury retrograde, lines of communications, travel, appointments get screwy among other things. Last night, while extracting an image to make into a layer for another image, I realized I’ve been severely challenged in the communication arena these pass couple of weeks. There’s the “I love you and you’re so good to me” email I sent by mistake to the head partner in our group. That was a thank you note intended for his secretary. Then there’s I’m new to the cell phone routine, like saving a name to the wrong number and texting the wrong person, or like having your phone randomly calling people, while you’re having a conversation. I’ve been wondering these pass weeks under a hex of mixed signals and reckless disclosure and could certainly use the undo or redo button of life right about now. My usual problem is losing my cell phone not operating them. Also learned all this year’s Mercury retrogrades are happening in the fire signs and I’m now off to entertain myself on what crap I find about that.

Bubble Pop!

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As I vigorously attacked the bridge in my mix voice, I chewed on Judge Walker’s decision on Prop 8. So, it was ruled unconstitutional; however the stay was maintained and it could be upheld in U.S.S.C. All that merriment and ruckus that ensued later was a bit premature. While my instructor had me doing lip trebles, I contemplated the real meat and potatoes of any union: living trusts, power of attorney, wills, insurance policies, liability waivers and DNR forms.

The nostalgic prenup is only binding when it’s drafted on the dried bar napkin that still has your intended spouses phone number and ….name?

Chip, chip away…..

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Ever bitten off more than you can chew? I’m wading through all the photos and

videos of me tiling my table and I can’t get a decent story line together from

what I was able to salvage from an encryption problem. Some ideas are gonna

have to filmed again and I’m not to pleased. I gonna need additional bodies for

angles, etc… Then there’s the whole permission things with stores. I don’t get

it. You want publicity, but no piracy of store’s theme, products, etc…. Have

they ever heard of hidden camera? Recently, I’ve been brushed away from just

filming the outside of stores, like their store is the center of my focus. Now

if someone was robbin’ the joint, they’d want every jpg, mov. mpg, and wmv

for evidence. While I’m there, people who get into a huffy about having their

picture taken shouldn’t leave their dwellings. I wonder the film time one

consumes on various cameras while going to work. MUNI doesn’t count cause

most of their camera don’t work! The only cameras that seem to work properly

on MUNI are those from passenger filming the latest beat down. Another false

sense of security are fake security camera. Need I vent more? Those seeking

attention would really be hot if their Air Jordan were scuffed up in some urban

larceny that didn’t filmed. Outdated video programs presents the next hurtle.

I like the program I have, but it’s not working properly due to continual updates.

I’m so over it. I tried just using what Windows had to offer. TRIED! I have to

investigate new video editing software and that not the time I want to spend in

front of a monitor. Hopefully the learning curves aren’t steep this time around.

Third problem is laziness pays off NOW!

Things that makes you go oops…!

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Perfection is the goal, but life is the result. I painstaking labored on a project and seconds up to it being executed my computer said, “NO!” No, no. No. I’m going to slow up, freeze and send as is, Wayne. You’ve wasted too much time mashing buttons on it already. You need to be outdoors enjoying this good sun we’re having. If you don’t stop, I’m gonna blue screen ya.

Art night will be intense tonight.

Mr. Butterfingers performed a bull in a china shop showstopper in Williams Sonoma.


Third Shock of a Future Wave

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Alvin Toffler’s Jungian insights are spot on and I humbly eat my words. My

nanosecond of an attention span LABORED through his books and found them dull

as dishwater, much like the class that made his books a requirement. No pictures,

illustrations, color and boring font. If your going to write about the future, take it

to the next level in publication. I akin to reading his books to the time I was on

court-ordered lock down at the dinner table until I finished my liver. My tactic of

eat and gulp exhausted my non-refillable Kool Aid glass. My desperate pro-vitamin

petition was laughably denied. “You should be.. .blah, blah.” “People in

other…blah, blah.” Any further responses on my part would have been a death

wish, especially nothing tastes as good as skinny feels* or you can send them my

plate. But I digress…

The information era is certainly upon us. There’s more information available at our f

finger tips then warranted. This insatiable need for instantaneous proliferation of

information is fueling the internet and era. However, speed is a dis-service to

information. Sound bites and blurbs are preferred over content. Validity of a story

keeps credible news agencies in check. Broadcast new has sophisticated the pop

up video format and newscaster are cut and pasted on to a streaming smorgasbord

of stocks, quotes, weather, sports scores and lackluster “BREAKING NEWS”. Even

poor, Hermes couldn’t resurrect a “breaking” update back to its relevance when

fear demanded answers during 9/11. The ease of convenience the internet offer is

enticing as it is predacious. Answer to questions are answered by those embolden

enough to elevate them above rhetorical background chattering; however, there’s

a hidden cost for that ease and it’s information– your information. Number 2

couldn’t be more than happier. #’s are irrelevant when cell phones and i.p.

addresses are more intimate. And this ease is a direct assault on what is emerging

to be a coveted commodity: privacy. Passwords, security, phishing, encryption,

spy ware, key loggers and SSL now fuels the paranoia that Microsoft cultivated. I

believe a precedent will be set when there’s a fee to recover your password. At

least this phenomena will remain in the cyber-clouds and not breach our reality like

the bubble. During the mid-90’s, the internet was the new technological

wonder and at a staggering speed of 28k investment firms wanted in. Start ups

with cozy granola leaning and pocket protector efficiency boldly declared the

future is here. The more hits to a website meant more allowance and made

reaching the unattainable attainable. Even the foggy seven by seven. Armed with

oodles of disposable income and egos as vapid as the contents on their websites,

fledgelings C.E.O. C.T.O. C.O.O., C.F.O and C.B.S.O. (why not) plagued various

metropolitan. Locally, landlords reacted with higher rents and the Ellis Act thinly

cloaked shady evictions. Condo became the new SRO and littered the landscape.

Artists were ejected from S.O.M.A. and had to strategically retreat to the East Bay

or Peninsula. When investors realized hits to a website didn’t equal $$$, the mirror

had cracked and the smoked evaporated. An exodus soon followed. Traditional

analyst warned investors to “get out” The internet sector was head towards a grim

course correction. Nasdaq experienced a record 570 point free fall drop and so did

investors’ confidence. Capital dried up! iVillage, Peadpod CDNow and the likes soon

vanished. Uniqueness prove to be the the key to any profitability on the internet.

Being first in search engine results is paramount. And tracking visitors to site is

good marketing, if not invasive. But is it really necessary for that cookie to stay

active on a computer for 10 years? Despite efforts to sure up exposed ports and

secure information much has already been exposed and still recoverable for those

skilled at recovery. As hackers continue to plague the net, passwords need to be

longer, have lower and uppercase characters and symbols. Now when you’ve

entered your user/password incorrectly a number of times your account is either

frozen or you’re opted to enter a series of incoherent letter and symbols for

access. Some password recovery processes involve a confirmation code sent to

an email address. What happens if you can’t access your email account? The

recovery merry-go-round will become more complicated. Complaints will demand an

easier process and a fee is introduced in the terms and agreements blindly agreed

upon. “Click”

*= a Kate Moss original. Who knew?

Wheel of FortuNe

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I think its time to stop1250am
…And the wheel turns… and the wheel turns. We’re all part of the wheel.

…..This solar return was meet with unbridled creativity. Writing, wire twisting and sound making have dominated the landscape. Maybe be heading back to using home computer for things other than watching movies. The discovery of a “lost” graphic design has resurfaced and renewed my interest in continuing the series. I have the RAW images back!

…..Fumbling through my scribbling I can’t get the egg and chicken conundrum out of my head. Or, what’s the sound of a one-handed clap. I don’t care if it’s the egg or chicken came first so long as they’re hot and well seasoned. Countless failed attempts at trying to get a simple request like “could you please have my scramble eggs seasoned with a little salt and pepper” has harden me. It not like I wanted an amendment to the constitution. Don’t even get me started on finding enchilada in this place world renowned for its grub. And by real, I mean the kind you bake! Having to ask this at a taqueria is insulting. If I wanted 7-11, I’d go to Taco Bell. Okay.. let’s get back on track. Egg over Chicken? I say neither came first. Perhaps, an image was first? For me, working with wire is like working backwards from starting with an image to completion. Suffice it to say, they’re here. Next! A one-handed clap? A one-handed clap against what? Thigh? Knucklehead? Face? Tosh? Let’s think outside the box.

Some treats. Here’s two brief excerpts of one poem I’ve revisited:
Binding me to the test I need
Icy rings feed on me
Covets my life my destiny

Hear those circle counter quantum leaps
Rigid coils blocks the free
Diverts my path and blind to see
Bruises my heart in mockery
One step ….. (Of course there’s more…)

Binding me to the test that I need
Coils bleed tight but I’m still moving free
I dance with life, but I’m denied the lead
A misdeed is tempting me

Friends are cheering
While daggers unsheathe
Unlike the coils
They stay out of my reach
Their lack…..
(Can’t you just sense what’s ahead? There’s four more juicy verses!)

Side note: Having issues with formatting this blog. Things like indenting, centering, etc. Perhaps I mashed on the wrong button. Normally, I would “take it back to formula”, conduct a seance or sacrificial offering but I don’t care.


Round midnight.

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Whirling throw the sausage tube, my senses craved any oddity, movement, non-conformity.

I was testing myself to find a spark in the most dismal of all places…MUNI. Instead, I swallowed the grim reality of ashed dreams from the worn out ups and downs passengers. Our mood wasn’t chipper. Saturday morning cartoons left some of us a long time ago and others screens displayed off the air snow. I bravely imagined how menial people’s lives must be to imprint such an image on the world then quickly switched to my lunch options before I puked in my mouth. I was the picture perfect urbane MUNI-muter. 70% The Joker. 22% The Fool. 8% unknown. In total denial of my insignificance, but consciously fashion forward. Bling isn’t necessary for that swing-zing. I would say introducing something other than black and grey in a wardrobe would be radically progressive and effective. Shades are mandatory. This dual purposed lifesaver deflects unnecessary eye-interaction. And tones down that wretched lighting should The City remember to change the bulbs. Messenger bags trumps the dated backpack, which is better suited for weekend affairs. A good pair of blue tooth cover-the-entire-ear-headphones insulates you from any noise, especially if the little people should muster up the courage to speak. Olfactory senses are pretty much defenseless and battles through the over-sprayed and under-washed individuals. Breathing through the mouth or flat out moving are your only options when confronted with a hearty city-dweller who chooses odor as their vehicle of communication. MUNI must be commended for providing a vehicle for us to experience the colorful displays of human evolution. I may gripe and moan but the levels of entertainment exceeds my intolerance. Long live Late Night!

It’s ironic the most tragic of circumstances can result in the greatest of discoveries. I’ve always fiddled around with my voice but something primal is urging me to delve deeper. I’ve got a hunger only satisfaction can stop. I’ve woken up from sleep singing. Vishuddha I hear ya loud and clear. “OM!” All my other projects are in a holding pattern. Currently, challenging myself to deconstruct my poems into songs. “Whew!”This outlet fits me like a glove and it’s the best stress reliever. I’m finally putting my big mouth to good use. I got a little carried away at work and got called out in an email. She even came over and said I had a nice voice. : )


A big welcome to Funny!


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Only me.What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. That’s been my past and recent experiences. I can count on one hand and break a few finger the amount of successful times I experience the we in teamwork. School was the greatest test. I learned quickly being paired up with the jock/cheerleader. You know the type that blossom in their school years only to crash and burn later. We start off with the best intentions. “We got plenty of time.” “I got practice, etc. but will catch up later.” Finally our first meeting days before our deadline:
“Where did the time go?” We’re gonna have to go off of what you have, cuz I spaced on this.”

“I have nothing.”
“WHAT?” But I’m gonna fail.”
“No!” I hastily interrupted. “We’re both gonna fail, but I can afford the hit.”
I made such inroads with the in-crowd. Then there was that time camping. The same person “threw” their back out AGAIN. Then Dick and Jane, two able bodies couldn’t muster the strength to gather fire wood, watch a dish, etc. Thankfully, I didn’t find out about their handicaps until on the way home. I was too busy destroying my tent and twisting wire to notice their transgressions. The only successful attempt at teamwork was wining my Dell Notebook. We won through Dell’s poorly promoted scavenger hunt in San Francisco. There were eight colors that we were all slated into and you had to be the first in your color group to win. 16 winners total. We came in third overall and first in the black group by scheming answers out of other people and my classic Carl Lewis, sprint across an active Fourth Street Bridge. One of our clues was on the other side of the bridge and a ship had the nerve to want to cross. Mind you, this was the first time I’ve know the bridge to be active. “I don’t think so”, as I hopped over the guard rail blocking cars from entering . Siren’s blaring light flashing. I did run on the sidewalk and not the street. The guard ordered me to stop. Stop? I didn’t hear him. “You’re crazy!” I couldn’t stop. I was running on my toenails fueled off of a real good adrenaline rush. I wasn’t the only one. On the other side, I turn around and see halfway across a contestant in a pink tee-shirt.  He gets a cross. We were breathless, speechless, but laughing hysterically, if such a thing is possible.  Those running that section of the hunt were dumbfounded with us.  The bridge came down and pinkie tore off. I blew a carb coming out the gate and had to trot back. Later, it was discovered my bridge partner worked for Dell and he was disqualified.  His teammate still got to keep his Dell, after numerous cries of foul play from the pink group.

Flash forward to today and I’m plagued with trying to get some help with a few projects I have, while trying to reestablish myself in the “art” community.  I’m worn out with “I’m so busy”.  I suspect they think I’m incapable of doing it myself.   So be it for now.