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Protected: Aca bridge before verses and music?

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Protected: The record is not over………

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Don’t be like that

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Darkness on Myspace

Bubble Pop!

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As I vigorously attacked the bridge in my mix voice, I chewed on Judge Walker’s decision on Prop 8. So, it was ruled unconstitutional; however the stay was maintained and it could be upheld in U.S.S.C. All that merriment and ruckus that ensued later was a bit premature. While my instructor had me doing lip trebles, I contemplated the real meat and potatoes of any union: living trusts, power of attorney, wills, insurance policies, liability waivers and DNR forms.

The nostalgic prenup is only binding when it’s drafted on the dried bar napkin that still has your intended spouses phone number and ….name?


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Happy 1 year anniversary to the blog sphere, LockeOn!

I’m so proud of you, Wayne!! : )


Bass clef

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“The only thing that speaks on stage is courage!”

I dilly dallied on this too long. NO edits, etc…
I once thought deep breathing exercise were foolish and a waste of breathe. I don’t any more. I never realized how I taught my body to breathe incorrectly. When the restless brain chatter is calmed and the body relaxed, memories long since forgotten and comes vividly to life Two incidents comes to mind that leaves me no choice but to accept the fact that I’m loud and intense. To all my friends, co-worker, shocked onlookers who weathered through my expressiveness. I wanna to thank you for patience and understanding

For some odd reason, my physiology class wander on to the topic of sound. Immediately, I was overcome with boredom and casually wandered off into the conversation in the backroom. Somehow I got singled out by the teacher and confronted with “what happens when sound is unorganized, Wayne?” A snorty “noise” echoed the room. “Exactly, now be quiet!” Touche. But I was still right. It would have drawn more laughs from the room but we were still reeling from the excitement from days before. Our resident Duran, Duran groupie and whatshisname were in a heated discussion in the front of class that resulted in a power across his face. I was stunned, the class was stunned, the teacher was stunned! He didn’t roll with it and adsorbed the full brunt. He stood there for seemed an eternity and didn’t move. One whiff of a tear, flinch in pain, utterance from his mouth would have spelled wimp. He was humiliated. My humiliation happened when I was denied access to the school library one morning. I was in full Wayne mood and she could sense (hear) me coming. A defiant “not today, Wayne!” Laughter surrounded us as we engaged in a spirited banter. I gallantly defended my right to an education and she constructively suggested I should explore effective time management skills and use the library for what its for and not as my social den. Days later we reached an agreement. I eventually graduated but, she didn’t have to get all Mrs. Wallace on me. I wasn’t trying to gain access to the Foster Auditorium. Already been done.
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** Funny incident edited for internet privacy**
This drunken vagabond slurred his way across Hayes Street into a watering hole with the intent of replenishing himself, but incurred the wrath of the in-keeper. Popeye reeked of failed glories and swaddled laughting-lionup to the bar, or so he thought. More like a zig-zag from the front door, to a video game, back to the front door, ATM machine then finally a stool. It was quite amusing to the patrons. A defiant “GET OUT” erupted from the in-keeper’s lips. In a dramatic departure from the normal dismissive, the in-keeper came from behind the bar to secure the parameter. He feverishly spraying everywhere Popeye had been with this mysterious spray can. The bar, stools, video game, ATM machine…open air! His efforts drew admiration. I felt clean and swine-flu free from watching. I demanded to know what was being used. Demanded. Lysol? Febreze? … AQUA NET HAIR SPRAY!! It became a googolplex moment of laughter.


First you need to know about a googol: the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros (in decimal representation). The term was coined in 1938[1] by Milton Sirotta (1929–1980), nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Kasner popularized the concept in his book Mathematics and the Imagination (1940).

Googolplex is the number 10 followed by a googol.
There isn’t enough space in the universe for all those zeros. I equate it to creative inspiration. That one brief moment when human aspiration conjuncts with totality; delirious wonderment erodes barriers of duality and enlightenment step forth…YES! And the dance of the ancients begin. Amen. Hallelujah(הללויה). OMM!
The side effects are de-li-cious. A well trusted kitchen staple is my new BF for wire pieces. I was contemplating ideas regarding some labor issues and by chance my eye happened to affix on the container. BAM! The rouge idea electrified my senses. I became light headed and flushed. Maniacal laughter filled the air and my blessing turned into action. I set a record for the longest time spent on a wire piece in one sitting: 7 hours. I tore into it like a Christmas ham. Usually, I cut wire off the spool. This time I attached it to the piece and carried on. 100 yards later the green was gone. “It not done”, I brayed. I rustled up some purple and began anew. My thoughts became mercurial as I bore through obstacles peppering my progress. As my hair was my witness, I was not to be denied!


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in the wee morning they arrive.

in the wee morning they arrive.


give me your huddled masses.....

Heaven's Gate?

Heaven's Gate?



[L. procrastinatio: cf. F. procrastination.]
The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness.

Procrastination is the thief of time.

I must agree with this quote: “Hard work pays off in the future, but laziness pays off NOW.”
This phenomenon not only plaques the art community it seems to haunt Christmas follower, too. I’ve been in a “do it tomorrow” phase and my first line of defense has kicked in. Recognition over denial is a healthy approach for the “thief of time”. I wonder what’s the breaking point for those wanting to rid themselves of X-trees but they’re still caught up in the furor of the Christmas spirit? Certainly not New Year’s Day or EpiphanyDay. The last couple of days.I have witness multiple sightings of semi- naked tree appearing near city garbage cans, in tree beds, barren and most times oddly on their sides. The exodus picked up momentum during Martin Luther King Weekend. We’ve already passed the month mark and they still appear. Night watches are definitely in order but I’ve already wasted too much time with this entry. That tomorrow yawned into today that I bleeped away..